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End-to-End Potato Processing Solutions

FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader in turn-key food freezing and cooling equipment. With the addition of CMP of Prince Edward Island and GEM Equipment of Oregon, the FPS Global Family has created a full product offering for a “one stop shop” to meet customers needs with our full End-to-End potato processing line solution. With years of experience collaborating with French Fry/Specialty potato processors, from raw receiving to packaging, the FPS team are with you every step of the way. This experience allows FPS to seamlessly integrate and create your full potato processing line.

Raw Receiving (CMP/GEM)

Raw potato receiving in potato production involves unloading trucks filled with harvested potatoes. Conveyor belts or elevators transport the potatoes from trucks to the processing plant. Upon arrival, potatoes are inspected for quality and sorted. This critical stage ensures the quality of the crop through dirt elimination, destoning, sizing – removing damaged tubers, and foreign matter. Potatoes are then stored under optimal conditions to preserve freshness, flavor, and nutritional value for further processing such as washing, peeling, and cutting.

We design and manufacture:
+ Truck Offloading Equipment (Sack, Tipper, Trailers)
+ Rock Traps (Custom-designed water system for rock/debris removal)
+ Waste Hopper (Dirt/Stone/Waste Elimination and Removal)
+ Storage Bins (Even Flow – Tilt Belt Feed, Sloped or Jacob’s Ladder, Turkey Roost)
+ Sanitary Raw Receiving Conveyor Design

Pulsed Electric Field (FPS/OptiCept)

The OPTICEPT® (Controlled Environment Pulsed Electric Field
Treatment), is a state-of-the-art PEF-system developed by FPS
Food Process Solutions in collaboration with PEF-specialists
OptiCept Technologies. It is specifically designed for the solid
food processing industry and brings distinct advantages to the
potato sector by softening the potato tissue, minimizing breakage and feathering during cutting.

We design and manufacture:
+ Dual Conveyor Belt Chamber
    - To convey product into treatment chamber
    - Variable size and range up to 80 tonnes/hr
+ PEF Generator
    - Product is processed by passing through an electric field
    - Easy to install with existing process lines
    - Minimal footprint, energy efficient, low water usage

Blanching (GEM)

After cutting or slicing, potatoes are blanched in hot water to reduce enzymatic browning and remove surface sugars. Our robust blancher construction combines both hot and cold water options – the most consistent in the industry. Our in-house hump belt panels form a half circle at discharge resulting in an even flow of product leaving the blancher vs flat panels.

We design and manufacture:
+ Multi Zone Belt Blanchers
+ 2 Zone Belt Blanchers
     - Zone 1 – Immersion Blanch
     - Zone 2 – Deluge Blanch
+ Belt blanchers provide superior control on product colour and texture including minimal breakage
+ Custom designed blancher sizing based on required output
+ Circular Hump Belt
     - Perforated stainless steel panels
     - Stellite™ pins and bushing for maximum life
     - Heavy duty corrosion resistant side chains

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (CMP)

Sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) and dextrose are typically applied to french fries or diced potato in a specialty line to help control color and other quality aspects of the finished product.  SAPP and dextrose are applied after the blanching stage prior to drying.  Depending on plant capacity and user preference, french fries or diced potato can be transported from the blancher by flume, pipe, or conveyor.

We design and manufacture:
+ SAPP mixing systems and dosing tanks including dry ingredient bag handling
+ Hygienic flume and pipe delivery systems with appropriate layout geometry for good mixing and sanitation access
+ SAPP and ingredient dip conveyors, incline spray augers and dosing spray systems
+ Hygienic process conveyors
+ Cobra head decelerators
+ Dewater vibratory shakers and bias shakers with strategic supply partners
+ Screening reels, return tanks, pump skids

Drying (FPS)

Product that has been blanched or washed is dewatered and evenly distributed on the dryer belt for even bed depth across belt width for optimal drying. Depending on the finished product, the drying process can vary by temperature and humidity. Hot air is used to remove moisture from sliced potatoes while humidity is controlled by the percentage of refreshment from the circulation air, to ensure product does not overdry. For specific potato products, drying with colder air and retrogradation ensures firm, flexible texture. There are two types of dryers based on type of potato product:
+ Process: From Potato to French Fries – Multiple zones to remove attached water/moisture through drying
+ Process: From Potato to Patties – Staged zones where drying and retrogradation takes place

We design and manufacture:
+ Fully welded stainless-steel enclosure with air circulation for heat exchange
+ The only external drive system to maximize energy and longevity
+ Innovative use of hygienic plastic belting which eliminates chains therefore no lubrication contamination in product
Clean-in-Place (CIP) system with pasteurization option

Batter Mixing System (CMP)

We manufacture a complete batter mix system and applicator conveyor for today’s modern French fry plant. The system includes dry batter handling from the superbag to the dry batter hopper, filters, weigh feeders, batter mixing system, hydration tanks, Crylolators, and drum and weir style dosing conveyor system with batter capture and recirculation.

Batter Mixing System capable of handling, dispensing, mixing, and storing batter mixtures to the desired consistency and temperature. 

+ Turnkey hygienic stainless-steel design
+ Wide range of batter rates, temperatures, and viscosities
+ Available with ingredients addition

Batter Application System (GEM)

After drying, the potato strips are immersed in a prepared batter mixture run through conveyors or dipping system to ensure even coating and complete coverage before frying. With increased production and operating conditions, robust and wider batter applicator belts can withstand increasing load.

We design and manufacture:
+ Batter systems with up to 10-foot-wide belts
+ Heavy duty batter belts with redesigned side chain links to withstand pull and breakage
+ Clean-in-Place Hood construction for efficient sanitation and quicker turnover times between products

Frying (GEM)

We build custom designed Single and Two-Stage fryers. A Two-Stage potato fryer is considered an essential component in French fry processing for optimum quality in coated potato products. Stage A Fryers are used to set the batter by singulating each fry thus eliminating clumping. In Stage B, the partially cooked potatoes can be loaded in greater quantities and fried at a higher temperature to achieve the crispy, golden texture of French fries while keeping the inside texture moist and fluffy. Computational Fluid Dynamics provides critical information for testing and improving the fryer kettle  for optimizing product quality and cooking oil usage.

We design and manufacture:
+ Complete French Fry systems including fryer, chip chains, pumps, Lakos filters, heat exchangers, paper filter, Sweco filter, piping with valves, support structure including circulation pumps, instrumentation, and catwalks
+ The largest throughput fryers in the world including 10’ wide fryers
+ Fully designed with all aspects of production in mind, including longevity of oil life, CIP/sanitation, and product quality.

Freezing (FPS)

FPS manufactures robust turn-key freezing and chilling solutions. Our French fry freezer tunnels implement product separation and fluidization technologies to ensure careful handling of food products. With our PulseFlow™ IQF technology, we eliminate mechanical components inside the freezer while gently lifting and separating product continuously through the freezer. This quick freezing prevents ice crystal formation, preserving their texture and flavor, as well as individually separating each fry before it goes to the next stage.

Our Spiral freezer leads in hygienic construction and design with continuous TIG welding to ensure smooth food safe surfaces and to allow for expansion and contraction during temperature changes. As the only OEM to offer the 72” DirectDrive belting option with Intralox, our custom solution for specialty potato products such as hash browns allows for greater production and capacity.

We design and manufacture:
+ Robust fully welded enclosure and construction to eliminate bacteria harbourage points
+ SynchroSD™ Defrost system to ensure seamless operation without impacting production
+ Recirculating Clean-in-Place (CIP) for repeatable, consistent cleaning

Packaging (CMP)

Our End-to-End Solution continues from the discharge of the freezer through to packaging. Our customers can find more than just hygienic conveyors, they can leverage our experience and expertise with weigh-scale, bagger, inspection, and other end-of-line packaging systems capabilities. Fully integrated with the FPS freezer, we take care of everything from the discharge of the frozen product to the finished bags on their way to case packing. All our turnkey systems are custom designed to meet target throughput, conform to the space available, and include full mechanical installation and commissioning of all equipment.

We design and manufacture:
+ Complete frozen product handling systems downstream of the freezer
+ Product accumulation, abort, and smooth transfer to scale systems
+ Turnkey add-back equipment including large format vat dumpers, hopper conveyors, elevating conveyors, and column dumpers
+ Sanitary design scale decks and mezzanines - four standard designs based on hygienic level including option for integrated scale bucket wash bay

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